Patron Saints

by Patron Saints

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This is our debut EP. We like it alot. Please like it and let us play in your town.

Swedge life is the only life.


released May 6, 2014

Recorded by Bain, J. Bain, J. Carmichael, S. & Connor, J.
Mixed by Connor, J.

On this one, Patron Saints was:

Dan Drennan: Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Craig Wilson: Drums

Photograph by Wendy Smith



all rights reserved


Patron Saints Paisley, UK

Emo Swedgefiends from Glasgow.

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Track Name: Love, Actually and Other Drugs
I've been drunk for weeks
Hanging around with best friends smoking weed
Running through long grass
Falling down and hurting our ass

Summer is over and we're all fucked
We're going back to college or Uni or work
Learning what we think will further our lives
It won't

We're all boring
Talking big about subjects we don't know
We're all full of shit
And we're tired

And I know that this summer means
So Much
But to be honest
I couldn't give a fuck
Track Name: Sad Wae It
Six bottles a day, for six months
doesn't seem that long
We'll meet up in the same shitty bar
we used to drink in
We'll talk about
how growing up
was dumb

But I know you won't be there
When I'm old and grey
You'll have fucked off,
Have 2.3 kids
But you'll be happy anyway
And I'll be in the same old place
Singing songs about girls I almost kissed at 16
I'm not asking for pity
Just a beer

I'll make the short walk home
With no friends by my side
I'll stop at a park
Think of you and your new life

How I could never fit in
With your cosmapolitan bullshit
How you probably own a fucking porsche
How you bought the penthouse suite
As a second home
How your going through your third divorce

And I might be fucking miserable
But at least I'm not a sellout
Do you remember
Autumn walks in the park
You said you loved Ayn Rand
I suppose I should have taken that hint
But I'd rather be miserable than a dick.
Track Name: Eyes
If I could travel
Back in time
I would find
A way to save

From myself
Crashing into your boyfriends house
And we would meet
In a forest armed to the teeth

You pin your hair back
In a grey beanie
We go to the beach
And reminisce
About the past

And how you went
To your ex boyfriends house
And fell slightly
Back in love

And you are scared
Of the future
And embarrassed of your past
So learn all you can about me
As I avoid your eyes
Track Name: David Cameron, Lizard King
Take me down to the water
So I can wash away the dirt
I've been fucking up consistently for weeks
I'm so fucking tired
cause I've not slept for days
And everything is getting fucked up

But I know
That I'm getting close
To finding a place where everything's OK
But I know that I'm no good